❝ no more vaudes

Hey guys, I’m going to be moving all this mess over to varst. You guys can just unfollow here, since I’m not going to updating this at all after this post. If some of you have a pastebin and like my older themes, I suggest that you grab them and save them now, I’ll be deleting all of my other themes over the next month or so and I’m not going to be saving copies of them. 
It’s just a serious pain in the ass to bother coming over here periodically to answer questions etc. Just going to be using this email to host my life previews, this blog is going to become blank sometime soon, here. 

I have 3 new themes that I’m finishing up to post on the theme page that I set up on varst, if you like my themes check it out over the next week. 

I’ve also set up an entirely new pastebin so I can just wash my hands of this place.

sickness theme (previously theme 1); live preview, pastebin, fth link l8r

'so this is my first theme that i published last year, i’ve just gone over it and cleaned it up as much as i felt. since i promised i’d try to keep them as much as the originial, i did. at least i tried. so. 

i added a new option in the theme, so that you can change the sidebar margin without going into the theme. you’ll see it in the appearance options as ‘sidebar bottom margin’ and it’s set at 50. if you make it 20, the sidebar will be closer to the bottom of the page, if you make it 100 it’ll be closer to the top of the page. 

so. okay. again, i tried to keep it as close to the original as possible, but i fucking hate the original version of this theme.’

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dejected theme, live preview + pastebin.

you can do all kinds of shit with it. if there’s anything wrong, pls pls pls let me know so i can change it asap. it has the same options as i’ve had with other themes ex; 400 or 500px posts. opacity options. uh. greyscale. stuff. things. words. you’ll figure it out.

update: 17/4/13, added background image option with selectable background repeat/no repeat.

update: 20/4/13, added in the option for hover captions or regular captions. just make sure one of them is selected.

disorder theme
live preview, pastebin, freetexthost

uh, it’s basically my newest theme but with nicer sidelinks and a different permalink page. uh. you can do things with it. you can figure it out. i think everything is cohesive etc if not send me a message.

behind curtains theme - live preview , pastebin , freeth .

This is my revised version of theme 1. 
I’ve sat with this for about the last 6 hours, and Carol has been kind enough to help me for the last 2 on how best to get this.
This is the result. side note; So, since I’ve gotten some messages asking me not to delete my originals, I’m just going to make a side page for them but I will eventually take them off of my pastebin.


  • 400 or 500px posts option
  • greyscale is still an option etc.
  • post border is optional as well is the color
  • post margin is customizable along with img opacity
  • tag title (index:) is customizable
  • title font size is customizable
  • audio bg image and sidebar upload
  • link font and body font are text: options.
  • that’s it no more.

I think that’s everything I wanted to put. Idr tbh.

if there are any glitches/issue etc pls let me know, that’d be nice of you.

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basics - live prev with explanations, effective previews gone/ pastebin, freeth

I feel like this is literally as basic as it gets. It’s just a basic side page… page. MAKE SURE WHEN YOU’RE INSTALLING IT YOU’VE LOOKED AT THE LIVE PREVIEW WITH EXPLANATIONS AND YOU’VE READ THE TEXT I LEFT YOU IN THE TEXT PORTION OF THE CODE ITSELF I STG I’VE EXPLAINED I THINK EVERYTHING I WILL IGNORE YOU IF YOU ASK ME A QUESTION THAT I’VE ALREADY LAID OUT. i stg. Also, I mean if some of you would like, you can use this as a base w/e for personal use or to claim as own idc. It’s so simple and basic that idec about credits in the least. But if you are going to use it as a simple simple base for a side page, make sure you delete the vaudes credit in the css.
Also, if you’d like the moon img for the background click here and use the url.

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interzone theme ; live preview, pastebin, freetexthost

the same set up as theme 5 but nicer imo.
400 or 500px posts
margin options, read the description on the live preview i stg if i get an ask about how to change the margins for this theme i’m going to rip my eyebrows out i’m starting to understand why some theme makers get annoyed with repeated questions when there’s an anSWER IN THE FAQ dam u
playfair font or arial font
background uploads for the permalink, audio bg and blog bg.
topbar img is 130px;
advice: don’t have long ass navigation link titles, try and keep it on one line v. 2 because then i’ll look like shit. idc if you want long names and 2 lines; i don’t and it looks stupid even with proper margins set. major influence from the dandelion theme by sleepythemes. 

enjoy or something 

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